Face Treatment in Mumbai


Acne treatment in Mumbai City

acne treatments in Mumbai

Why people in Mumbai get more acne?

Is it due to pollution, lifestyle or due to unknown causes?

But whatever the cause is, you have to get it treated. Isn’t it?

Acne treatment depends on type and cause of acne. Acne is primarily a hormonal condition caused by ‘androgenic’ hormones. The condition mostly occurs in teenage years. Sensitivity to such hormones and the deposition with bacteria on the skin, and fatty acids within oil glands, cause acne. Common places for acne to occur are face, chest, shoulders, and back .


Acne can be aggravated by
Fluctuating hormone levels (around menses in woman)
Specific group of foods
Excessive use of cosmetics
Defective Keratinisation


Mild acne
less than 20 comedones
less than 15 inflammatory lesions
Or, total lesion count less than 30

Moderate acne
20–100 comedones
15–50 inflammatory lesions
Or, total lesion count 30–125

Severe acne
more than 5 pseudocysts
Total comedo count more than100
Total inflammatory count more than 50
Or total lesion count more than 125

Treatment At Skin Scientific !
You can get treatment for all types of acne, which range from mild and moderate to severe. The treatment we offer you will depend on the serverity of your acne but what’s great about coming to Skin Scientific is that we have expert dermatologists who are able to prescribe medication and conduct treatment if your acne is severe.

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