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Beautiful You Book

Pooja (name changed) was very happy to get an opportunity to join a job in a multinational bank having good salary but heavy working hours. She was extremely happy with her new assignment and was giving her best to it.

But after about three months she noticed appearance of dark circles under her eyes and her facial skin started loosing luster. She went to various beauty parlors but all in vain.
Until one day her friend suggested her to read the book titled, “Beautiful You”. This book “Beautiful You” changed her outlook and approach towards self care, she learnt the quickest and correct ways to look after her face, skin, diet which helped her to enhance her beauty. The book “Beautiful You” taught her even the simple exercises, which could be performed even while at work.
The story is quite same with many working women who fall prey to their own ignorance about self-care routine and spoil their beauty.
“Beautiful You” is for the contemporary woman: women who have a life besides their looks. Women who want minimum fuss but maximum looks.
It is empowering for women because it tells women to end confusion in favor of a more proactive approach to dealing with the way they look.
This book offers practical information in a straightforward and simple language without any complicated medical terminology. It’s simple style and direct presentation is refreshing. It offers lots of tips, as well as focuses on areas of individual concern.
What more can one expect!!

Every day “Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery” gets inquiries about the use of fairness creams, facials etc. These inquiries come not only from young college girls and from girls who are looking for a suitable husband but even from middle aged housewife.
The single most aim of this book is to provide you with the true knowledge about head to toe self-care and to make you aware how you yourself can take the charge of your own beauty.
I.C.L.S. has invited Dr. Anil Nirale, M.Ch. M.S. (Plastic Surgeon) who is a well-known ‘Beauty Consultant’ and ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’, practicing in the city of Mumbai since last 27 years, to write this book in year 2003.

Now we are planning its second edition.
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