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A very frequently asked question-
“What is the scope for BDS in future?”- This question gave many doctors sleepless nights.
Traditionally a fresh doctor after completing dental graduation, takes an internship with senior physician and learns from his experience. Some go for post graduation or a job. And some start their private practice.
But today’s dental fresh graduates are very smart. They know what the current market demands, so they choose training in Cosmetology, Trichology, Weight Management fields.
Many BDS doctors have done cosmetology courses, trichology courses, obesity courses.
In India Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science is the best place to learn cosmetology, to learn trichology, to learn weight loss treatments.
Famous Poet William Shakespeare says that:
“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful and handsome in others eyes.
That’s why career opportunity in the field of cosmetology is highly demanded.
What is Cosmetology?
“Cosmetology is the study and application of treatments which will make patients more attractive”.
Clinical Cosmetology is a part of dental science (dental courses) that focuses on physical appearance of a person & makes people look good.
Dental aesthetic training consists of various branches that include beauty therapy and treatments for face, body, hair and overall health care.
Cosmetology courses in India are available in various modules like :
Cosmetology Face Treatments
Trichology Hair Treatments
Weight Management Treatments.

Cosmetology is a growing industry with plenty of long-term career options
So if you’re interested in helping people look and feel their best, here’s what you need to know about best cosmetology institute in India.

“Institute of Cosmetology & Laser Science” ICLS Mumbai offers dental graduates best support in their career by training them in Cosmetology, Trichology fields.

While talking in WORLD HEALTH Conclave, Dr. Anil Nirale (Plastic Surgeon), Director of “Institute of Cosmetology & Laser Science” ICLS Mumbai, said, “There is a wide scope in the profession of cosmetology in India or in other countries. Cosmetology is the promising career for youth because of advancement in the life style.” Dr. Anil Nirale further added that fresh dental graduates must choose the proper institute because there are many quacks running similar kind of training who offer illegal fellowships which can spoil your career.” “Institute of Cosmetology & Laser Science” offers most scientific and career oriented courses in cosmetology, trichology and weight management for doctors.

What will you learn in Cosmetology Courses?

Clinical Cosmetology training will focus on treating skin-related issues, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging, but they are also trained to perform technical procedures like cosmetic electrotherapy, Rejuvenation treatments, and microcurrents, which are also referred to as non-surgical facelifts, Chemical Peels and Lasers for skin treatments. There are many other benefits of cosmetology courses.
About Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science.
Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science (INDIA) is one of the few professional training institutions in the World that provides ONLINE training as well as hands-on courses in Cosmetology, Trichology, WEIGHT LOSS, DIET AND NUTRITION, ADVANCED COSMETOLOGY PROCEDURES & related fields. You can attain scientific excellence in this field by undergoing these courses.

How do you get more information about cosmetology courses in India?
Contact details:
Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science
Tel: 9769435112 / 9820086112

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