Challenges face by today’s doctors and how ICLS helps them overcome.

Challenges face by today’s doctors and how ICLS helps them overcome.

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In this article lets find out the major challenges face by doctors and how “Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science” (ICLS Mumbai) tries to help doctors in overcoming it.
Medicine has always been the most respected profession in all societies around the world because it deals with the bodies of living beings all of which are very complex to understand and take care of. From bringing a wailing newborn baby in the world to easing a wheezing old man’s suffering, what can be nobler than saving the life of living beings, helping them survive and maintain their health? Medicine is no doubt the most gallant of all careers. For doctors and people in the medical world, there are no rich or poor, no good or bad, there are just healthy and the ill. And they try to cure as many people as possible and make them healthy. It’s no wonder that curing others through medicine is considered nothing short of a miracle.

However, as noble as the profession is, it is also the toughest to master and one of the most difficult courses to complete. A simple glance at the entrance exams for admission in the top medical colleges in India will show how competitive the field has become. Right from the beginning to the end of medical courses, students face a lot of problems and challenges which are of far greater magnitude than students of other courses.
Major Challenges Faced By Medical Students:



You might be amazed but it’s a fact that a major chunk of efforts has been dedicated to studying stress among medical students. Being a highly demanding course, there are a number of causes of stress and leave impacting effects on the physical and psychological health of the students. The major causes are attributed to the fact that students have to learn a lot of new things in a short time, undergo tough exams with the fear that failing them will end their career and the lack of opportunities to review what they have learned. The urge to meet the demands of the curriculum inhibits them a sense of urgency as they struggle to work harder. Often students experience the highest amount of stress after their graduation when they start their training.
How ICLS helps doctors?
ICLS is actively involved in counselling stressed medical student or a doctor. ICLS guides the stressed students in achieving total balance between study, mental peace and career.


Medical courses are the longest courses in the educational world. It takes nearly a decade or more to become a fully qualified doctor. This period is marred by a number of complications brought by the demanding curriculum. It is not easy to maintain patience throughout this long period and often students lose themselves. In their bid to complete all their work, students often end up harming their own health.
How ICLS helps doctors in overcoming this challenge?
Students are strongly advised not to let the workload affect their health because, without good health, they won’t be able to carry on. A strong and constant reminder to carry on with their studies and maintain the balance between the course activities and their life will also help in easing the workload stress.
Working medical private practitioners are offered a formal training course in “ART OF MEDICAL PRACTICE” through “HAPPY DOCTOR FOUNDATION”. You can become a life member of “Happy Doctor Foundation”, it is absolutely free to all medical students and doctors.


The most challenging part comes when students are exposed to the harsh and practical realities of the medical world. The direct contact with patients, witnessing their emotional stress and breakdowns, seeing wounds, and operating on real human bodies is enough to stress out students.
After coming out in private practice, a fresh doctor finds that what he learned in medical college is different from all the cases he sees in the real world! So he gets confused. In private practice people demand different approach, new treatments which the fresh doctor might not be aware of.
How ICLS helps doctors in overcoming this challenge?
ICLS conducts workshop on “ART OF EFFECTIVE MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS” in which doctors are trained in subjects of handling patient’s expectations, better communications, medical practice management.
ICLS offers training in Cosmetology, Trichology and related fields.
Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science (INDIA) is one of the few professional training institutions in the World that provides scientific training courses in Cosmetology, Trichology, WEIGHT LOSS, DIET AND NUTRITION, ADVANCED COSMETOLOGY PROCEDURES & related fields. Doctors can attain scientific excellence in this field by undergoing these courses.

4) “Vitamin M” DEFICIENCY
Vitamin M means MONEY!
From the very start of the course till the very end and even after you become a certified doctor, finance will remain a challenge for a considerable time. For one, the course itself is long and quite expensive. Without adequate financial options and prior plans and strategies to overcome this challenge, it will be very difficult to pursue a career in medicine.

Although the medical field has evolved and many new streams have emerged, the basic concepts of the study are closely related and similar to each other. Sound knowledge of medicine, unshakable patience, and unwavering confidence is a must to pursue a career in medicine. However, students should also have backup options along with a planned strategy to deal with all problems which are sure to arise while pursuing it.
How ICLS helps doctors to overcome this challenge?
ICLS helps doctors in obtaining Scholarships for trainings. ICLS helps doctors in obtaining loans from various schemes run by Indian Government.
ICLS suggests the best courses so that a fresh doctor can start his or her medical practice in little investment and still become successful.
ICLS has helped many doctors in availing private bank finance, to start cosmetology, Laser and Hair treatment centers.
Doctors are always welcome to contact ICLS Mumbai.

Contact details:
Institute of Cosmetology and Laser Science
Tel: 9769435112 / 9820086112

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