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Having Hair Fall

First of all, one must know hair fall is different from hair loss and anyone can experience the hair fall due to the changing environmental condition, the hair growth cycle of Telogen phase, stress or chronic illness, the side effect of any medication, weak diet plan, and altered lifestyle with poor nutrition.

This is your hair fall that provides an insightful clue about your overall health status, either it would be a thyroid problem, diabetes, and heart disease much before a clinical examination.

At Aakar Skin Scientific you can find the exact cause of your hair loss or hair fall and get the best suitable treatment according to your state of the problem, physiological as well as the anatomical status.

Hair Loss
Hair loss is a condition when you experiences the hair loss starting from the frontal areas of the scalp that exceeded till the crown as well as mid crown areas of the scalp and make an M patterned structure in men. This kind of hair loss is permanent in nature because the responsible factor is the gene and most men are affected by it due to the androgen sensitivity.
It doesn’t mean females are not affected as they, but with a minimal extent. The male pattern baldness occurs on men has 7 categories rated on the Norwood scale, whereas women experience the female pattern baldness measured on the Ludwig scale.

Hair loss affects one’s scalp or body wherever hair growth is experienced that can be the result of Androgen sensitivity, especially by the DHT or Di hydro testosterone and more common in men.
This is called genetic or hereditary baldness, which scientifically termed as the Androgenic alopecia. The only permanent solution to combat genetic hair loss is hair transplantation, but other methods like PRP therapy or Mesotherapy can also be opted for controlling further hair loss.

Dandruff is the most annoying condition of one’s scalp that has a key role in making hair dull, dry, freeze, and unhealthy. It is such a problem that doesn’t only ruins your hair, but also has an adverse effect on your scalp skin.
With changing weather condition it gets alleviated and mostly in monsoon, it creates chaos for daily life due to humidity around with dry and freezy hair.
If a person is affected by the dandruff problem always escaping from wearing dark color clothes, especially black and never allow anyone to touch his/her hair or scalp. It is annoying and breaks one’s confidence and self esteem.


Scalp psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that makes the scalp itchy and dry by overproducing of skin cells very quickly.
The immune system of the body sends faulty signals results in the growth of skin cells too quickly and develops reddish, raised, and scaly patches, which can pop as a single or several patches. The scalp psoriasis even affects the entire scalp, including, forehead, back of your neck, or behind and inside your ears.
The telltale of scalp psoriasis is white or light brown flakes of skin in your hair and wherever you touch your scalp falls on your clothes. It is devastating if you are with this issue as it needs regular medical attention to control the effect of psoriasis.
It mostly occurs at the scalp or head, but many body areas can be affected, which is nearby the scalp presents a medical challenge as it cannot be cured permanently even though the effect can be controlled by using the medications prescribed by your doctor/dermatologist.
The most common effect of scalp psoriasis at their severe stage is hair loss and psoriasis can be triggered by weather changes (cold or dry), stress, anxiety, depression, some conventional medications such as non steroidal and non inflammatory drugs or medications of anxiety and hypertension.


Hair regrowth treatments, Baldness Reversal treatments, Hair loss control treatments can be helpful in:

Male Pattern Baldness
Hair loss
Female Pattern Hair Loss
Hair Loss in General Other than Genetic Issue
Telogen effluvium Hair Loss
Regrowth of Natural Hair


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