Hair Transplantation in Mumbai


This is a Flexible Modular Course

  • History and the Past of Hair Transplantation.
  • Basic Science, Hair and Scalp Anatomy.
  • Asian Hair: Knowing the Difference.
  • Androgenic Alopecia and other Types of Hair Loss.
  • Medical Treatment.
  • Consultation, Planning, Preoperative Care and Hairline Design.
  • Local Anesthesia.
  • Donor Harvesting – Strip Excision and FUE Techniques.
  • Graft preparation Slivering and Graft Cutting.
  • Recipient Site Preparation and Insertion.
  • Complications in Hair Transplantation.
  • Mega Sessions.
  • Body Hair Transplantation.
  • Hair Transplantation in Scars.
  • Eyebrows, Mustaches and Sideburns Transplantation.
  • Building a Hair Restoration Practice.
  • Future in Hair Transplantation.

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