How to Start Your Own Clinic?

ICLS Practice Building Consultancy helps you to take control of your career and set a clear and confident direction.

ICLS help entrepreneurs (fresh medical graduates) to make the most of their potential and thrive at practice.

ICLS specialize in providing multi-dimensional, skill-based and sustainable training, guidance and coaching to Hospital owners.

How can you take our benefit?

ICLS Practice Building Consultancy supports you to take the action needed to build your business. We’ll design clear objectives to:

  • Create a robust business plan, brand identity and get clear on what make your business unique.
  • Work effectively and get more done in less time to deliver on your business plan.
  • Know how to handle success and learn from inevitable failures.
  • Design new strategies and tactics to enhance profitability.
  • Create a sustainable business that give you a high quality of life.
  • Learn ethical ways to bring in more happy patients.
  • Avoid losing your patients.
  • How to manage your practice, manage your life.
  • Learn effective techniques to get more satisfaction out of your current medical practice.

We’ll set out a system to achieve your goals by:

  • Developing the necessary skills and mindset.
  • Finding focus and motivation.
  • Taking effective action.
  • You’ll get structure, support, motivation and accountability to accelerate you to achieve your goals.