ICLS Credibility

Teaching skills at ICLS:

  • Dr. Anil enjoys a reputation of being a very respectable teacher, who is expert at simplifying a complicated subject in a simple way. An inborn teacher whose lectures are never missed by students.
  • Dr. Anil Nirale is Ex Professor of Surgery in CMP Homeopathy College, Mumbai, INDIA
  • Dr. Anil Nirale is the Founder President of “International Society of Aesthetic, Anti Aging Medicine” (ISAAAM)
  • Dr. Anil Nirale is Founder President of “International Association of Cosmetology And Trichology Professionals” ™ (IACATP) ™
  • Dr. Anil Nirale has developed customized training modules for Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME) Govt. of India
  • Devised special modules for doctors for better communications with patients.
  • Pioneered the Workshop on “ART OF MEDICAL PRACTICE”™
  • Authored and published a book, “Beautiful You” ™ in 2003
  • Started publishing house under the brand of “Beauty and Wellness Publications” ™
  • Have conducted clinical trials with a Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Carried out Research Programs & Training for Cosmeceutical Consultants across India

Best Cosmetology courses in India

best cosmetology courses in India
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