Are you considering changing your nose? / What is rhinoplasty exactly?
What Is Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping/ Nose Job Surgery)?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure, during which changes are made in the nose, the nasal cartilages & the nasal bone, to make the nose appear more refined & aesthetically better looking. It is plastic surgery that is done to alter the size or shape of the nose. The procedure is more commonly known as nose reshaping surgery or a "nose job" or a nasal refinement surgery. This type of surgery is used to rectify cosmetic problems involving the nose like genetic problems, disease and damage done during an accident, which can make the nose appear large, asymmetrical, crooked, bent & unsightly. Cosmetic reasons for this procedure might include a bump or a dorsal nasal hump, that the person would want removed to make the nose look more appealing. Nose cartilage can also be modified to create a more appealing look. Rhinoplasty can give the face a whole new, more attractive look.

What Is The Process Of Nose Job Surgery in Borivali, Mumbai?

The rhinoplasty procedure can be done either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia throughout which you will be sedated. We prefer general anesthesia for all rhinoplasties, in which the nasal bones are modified. One of two different techniques will be used. An open rhinoplasty technique will entail that an incision will be made between your nostrils at the bottom of your nose. During a closed technique, an incision will be made inside the nostrils (in the mucosal lining). The difference between the two techniques is in the presence of an external nasal scar. Surgical tools are then used to rearrange or shape bone or cartilage in order to reshape your nose. Then, the incisions are closed. After this surgery, you will find that your nose may be splinted or covered with gauze or with a cast. Then you will be awakened. You can go home after about an hour or two hours after you have recovered. Someone must be available to take you home, as you will not be capable of driving yourself home. After a day or two, the packaging comes off and then if you received a splint or cast it will come off in approximately 7 days.

What Should I Expect After The Operation? How Long Will It Take For Me To Recover?

You are not going to feel very well during the first day after the surgery. You will be informed about when you can remove the coverings, that were placed on your nose after the surgery. This can usually be done a few hours after surgery. For a day or two, you will have some aches and pains and your nose will feel sore. The nose will continue to be sensitive and tender for about a month and a half after surgery. Swelling and bruising will present for a few days during the recovery process.

What does a rhinoplasty procedure cost in Mumbai India?

All of us constantly strive to make the best impression possible. But sometimes, we may be uncomfortably aware of our own faults and imperfections and this may impede our efforts to impress. Cosmetic surgery is a way to correct our flaws and get the appearance we have always desired. A rhinoplasty is a facial cosmetic procedure that can give you a shapely, and perfect nose. Deciding to undergo a rhinoplasty is a big decision. Obviously, you must be interested in finding out the procedure costs. The cost of the procedure vary from surgeon to surgeon, and from one medical facility to another. Indian cosmetic surgeons are world renowned in providing the best cosmetic outcomes for the lowest surgical costs. You should make an informed decision after considering the track record of the surgeon and the medical centre. At Aakar Skin Scientific, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you excellent care during your elective cosmetic surgery. The center head at Aakar Skin Scientific, Dr. Anil Nirale, is one of the most famous cosmetic and laser surgeon in Mumbai, India. Well trained staff, high tech equipment as well as the latest surgical techniques are used to make sure that your surgery is carried out in the most safe and successful manner possible. Aakar Skin Scientific is a dedicated medical centre for skin care treatment and cosmetic surgery. Our head surgeon, Dr. Anil Nirale, is a highly renowned facial cosmetic surgeon who has several accomplishments to his name. If you have decided upon undergoing cosmetic surgery, Aakar Skin Scientific can be an excellent choice for you.
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