Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments in India for Women

Many women suffer from hair loss and thinning hair. ICLS specializes in
creating an underlying effect, which creates the appearance of a natural, full head
of hair. This is the ideal treatment for women. Many women need color added to their
scalp to cover natural separations made from long hair. If you can see scalp, we
cover this up to allow for it to look healthy and full. Scalp Micropigmentation is
perfect if you are a woman who is thinning on the top or across the crown section of
your head. We have worked with and treated many female alopecia and surgery scar

Various types of Scalp Micropigmentation Options
There are a variety of options/styles available. We have outlined some of the most
popular below:

Soft Hairline and Widowed Peak
Hair Loss Restoration
Many people want their current hairline lowered, replenishing where it has receded over time, and giving the appearance of fuller hair and a clean hairline. We follow the natural hairline by layering the impressions, thus giving the realistic appearance of hair with no hard line. We make sure to match the ink color perfectly to that of the client, resulting in an incredibly effective and strikingly natural result.

Adding Density to Thinning Hair
adding density to hair with smp
Men and women of all ages have found Scalp Micropigmentation as their solution to
cover or fill in thinning hair. Thinning can result in a wide, undesirable scalp
area showing through the hair. Typically, the person will have an even coverage
across the scalp, but the density drops as the hair loss progresses. Scalp
Micropigmentation replaces the lost density, resulting in the appearance of an even,
full head of hair.

With this focused and specialized approach, we treat the front hairline and let it
blur into density with a natural look. The initial treatment is gentle and soft,
increasing density throughout the rest of the thinning hair. We also create a
three-dimensional effect, giving the appearance of a natural shadow. This technique
is a great choice for you if you have had a hair transplant but didn’t end up with
the desired density.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Transplant Patients

If you have had a hair transplant, you may have been left with scars as a result of
this procedure. The technique we use at ICLS is a highly advanced style of
Scalp Micropigmentation which doesn’t just cover the scars, but also gives the
appearance of a fuller head of hair by adding density to existing hair, or creating
the look of a shaved head; depending on the client.

scar camouflage for fue scar
Scalp Micropigmentation is the perfect solution for the effective concealment of
scars of all kinds: FUT strip scars, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) scars, scalp
reduction scars, and Historic Plug or Cobblestone scars from old-fashioned hair
restoration procedures.

Most hair transplants are not as effective as Scalp Micropigmentation due to the
sheer lack of donor hair. People are often left with only two choices: They can
continue having multiple hair restoration treatments that leave patients with more
scars and cost even more money, or proceed with Scalp Micropigmentation, which
provides good results and little-to-no ongoing maintenance.
Isn’t this an easy choice, right?

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