Tummy Tuck Treatment in Borivali, Mumbai, INDIA

Sometimes, regardless of how much exercise we do, our abdomen becomes flabby – whether this is due to pregnancies or previous weight loss. This excess fat causes low self-esteem and can be embarrassing for some people and having a Tummy Tuck helps to eliminate this problem as it removes loose excess skin and firms muscle to improve the shape of your abdomen.
It can also improve the appearance of stretch marks and scarring on your abdomen.

The Procedure: The treatment involves a two-three hour surgery, but this depends upon how much fat and skin you’re having removed, as the operation technique may differ. Your doctor will discuss this with you during consultation to find out which method will best suit your individual needs.

A Tummy Tuck Treatment involves the patient going under general anaesthetic during the operation, which will be one of the following methods;

1. Standard Tummy Tuck:
Your surgeon will make a incision on the abdomen (just above the pubic area). In some cases there will be another cut which involves the belly button being removed from the surrounding skin – but you will be clear of this upon consultation. The surgeon will then tuck and tighten your muscles and stitch them into place. From here, any excess fat will be removed, skin will be pulled down and your belly button will be repositioned correctly.
Incisions are closed with stitches and your lower abdomen is strapped with bandages. There is likely to be scarring on your abdomen, above your pubic area, after the operation, hopefully underwear conceals the scar – although this isn’t always possible.

2. Mini Tummy Tuck:
Any excess skin and fat from below your belly button is removed. Your belly button is not removed from surrounding skin, but you are likely to be left with scarring on the abdomen above the pubic area.

3. Extended Tummy Tuck:
This method involves excess skin and fat being removed from your lower back, as well as the abdomen. Again, there is likely to be scarring on the abdomen above your pubic area and on your lower back too.

After The Operation
Draining tubes may have to be inserted for and are usually removed within 24-48 hours after the operation. A compression garment will need to be worn 24/7 for about 6 weeks post-op.
One or two overnight stays are required. Details will be discussed at your consultation.
There will be some bruising and swelling following the treatment but this will fade within three weeks. Six weeks rest is recommended, with at least three months
before strenuous activities recommence, such as going to the gym.

The Results
A Tummy Tuck is a one-off treatment with results that should last, although this depends upon your lifestyle and whether you gain weight over the years.
You will be left with firmer muscles and an improved stomach .

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