Are you suffering from loose skin with stretch mark after pregnancy?

Are you looking for Tummy Tuck in Mumbai, India
Are you suffering from hanging skin after significant loss of weight?
Do you have pendulous abdomen affecting your daily routine?
Even with regular exercise and diets protocols, you are not able to get back your sculpted figure.
Tummy tuck procedure might be chosen as a savior. The procedure is also termed as abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck is available in Borivali in Aakar Skin Scientific.

What are the types of TUMMY TUCKS?

There are many variations of the tummy tuck surgeries to get your desired abdominal look with minimal extent of the surgery. It starts from :
Mini Tummy Tuck,
Standard Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty),
Extended Tummy Tuck, and
Circumferential Tummy Tuck (belt plasty/ lower body lift),
Tummy tuck is very common surgery, which can help you get the kind of look you want for your stomach. Tummy tuck surgery is suitable for people who have tried all kinds of exercises and diets to tone their stomach but have not been successful. Safe tummy tuck can be done with or without surgery.

Lose weight after pregnancy.

Abdominoplasty in Mumbai India is also a suitable process for women who gained a lot of weight in their pregnancies and the skin is stretched because of multiple pregnancies. The weight goes with after the pregnancy but the lose skin remains and tummy reduction surgery can help reduce the skin and tighten the muscles
Men and women who have been very obese at some time in their life and now have lost weight through exercise and surgical procedures.
Then the tummy tuck surgery can help tone up the loose skin in abdominal area. Tummy reduction surgery procedure in Mumbai India
Abdominoplasty surgery begins with administrating general anaesthesia to the patient. Therefore it is important that you have somebody drive you home after the surgery and stay with you for a few days. Also take a few days off work to rest and recoup.

Tummy tuck cost in Mumbai India

The abdominoplasty cost varies on various factors.
One of the prime factors affecting the abdominoplasty cost is the expertise of the surgeon in the process. The surgeon needs to have enough experience and the right kind of qualifications to understand your expectations. Since every body is structured different therefore the tummy tuck operation is also customized.
The surgeon will take to you about your medical conditions, current medications and any previous surgeries you have had before. The tummy tuck cost also includes the time needed for the surgery. This will depend on the amount of work need on your stomach. Other factors included in the abdominoplasty cost are the operating room and medicines cost. The cost of anaesthesia is also included in the tummy tuck cost.
You should make it sure that you discuss the inclusion and exclusions in the abdominoplasty cost in Mumbai India.

Get rid of paunch without surgery

Tuumy Tuck is one of the surgical way to reduce your paunch.
You can get rid of paunch by latest non surgical methods available at Aakar Skin Scientific in Borivali, Mumbai. Feel free to Book an appointment, call ‘Aakar Skin Scientific’ at +91 9820046112 / 9769435112

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