PRP hair treatment

PRP hair treatment in Mumbai

If you are looking for PRP Hair Treatment In Mumbai, then you are at the right place. PRP is an alternative treatment method that regenerates hair follicles.

It involves applying a small amount of the patient’s blood over the scalp. The treatment is effective in regrowing hair. It works in about four months.

Here at ICLS, the treatment is popular for men and women with the balding problem. We also have the best gels, medications, shampoos, and serums for men, women. We have treatment for kids with various problems like hair loss, scalp infection, alopecia, etc.

PRP hair treatment in Mumbai

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP treatment, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, the best therapy for hair. This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in which a person receives injections of platelets rich in growth factors into the affected area.

This technique helps increase the production of collagen, the tissue that gives a lot of the body’s skin and hair its strength and suppleness. The goal of the treatment is to increase the cell turnover of the skin by stimulating the production of new cells.

There are three components to PRP treatment:

PRP, which is usually administered by a plastic surgeon, PRP solution, which is a blend of liquid nutrients, and PRP serum, which is the therapeutic solution prepared by doctors and provided to the patients by a patient care specialist.

We typically use PRP treatment for discoloration and wrinkles on the face, hands, feet, or groin region. In most cases, patients undergoing PRP treatment to treat medical conditions, including lymphedema, which is a condition that causes swelling in the lymphatic vessels.

Receiving PRP therapy from a professional will lower your risk of infection and scarring.

Patients who undergo PRP treatment have said that their skin did not look as it did before the procedure. We could attribute this to the way the platelets, the healing protein present in the blood, help make the skin glow. This therapy has a higher success rate than a dermabrasion procedure.

PRP Hair treatment procedure

1. PRP is a serum that is got from the blood of the person who has had the treatment on his scalp. It’s extracted as blood plasma that has a high concentration of growth factors. These factors help in stimulating the growth of the hair.

2. After we extract the PRP from the patient, we then kept it in the refrigerator. This causes the blood to clot.

3. We then separate the clots into the PRP serum.

4. We load the PRP serum with the growth factors present in the blood serum. These growth factors promote the growth of hair and help promote hair growth.

5. We now inject PRP serum into the scalp or the hair follicles.

6. Once injected, the PRP serum works in activating the growth factors present in the body and promoting the growth of the hair.

How PRP hair treatment works

PRP is a two-step hair loss treatment. After a hair fall, you need to apply PRP twice a week for three to four weeks. The next step after this is to go for the scalp treatment. We give you the PRP hair loss treatment procedure and how it works.

PRP is not a new hair loss treatment, but it is famous for its affordable cost. PRP hair loss treatment requires taking medication to stimulate blood to your hair follicles.

The blood flows through the capillaries under the scalp, where it will oxygenate and stimulate recent growth. We can do PRP hair loss treatment for any hair loss. PRP treatment stimulates the growth of new hair from the root.

Packed with nutrients, the PRP in the treatment boosts hair growth from the base of the hair follicle. PRP treatments do not use chemicals to grow your hair. If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to get a luscious mane back, do not consider this hair loss treatment.

Are PRP treatments invasive?

Unfortunately, not all hair loss treatments are invasive. PRP hair treatment is one of them. The treatment involves an injection of PRP in the skin on the scalp. We conduct the injection under local anesthesia.

We inject only a small amount of the PRP serum to avoid the use of larger amounts of the treatment solution. The solution used for the injection is prepared to cover the entire scalp, making it easy for the doctor to penetrate the skin. The entire process of PRP hair treatment usually lasts between 20 to 30 minutes.

How safe is PRP hair treatment?

PRP treatment in Mumbai is safe, even though it is quite invasive. The risks of complications include infection, bleeding, and also hair thinning. A doctor needs to diagnose if the patient has undergone hair transplant surgery.

A hair transplant surgery is a surgery where the doctor removes hair follicles from your scalp and transplants them to your balding area. The hair transplant procedure is very painful, so it is best to get rid of it before opting for PRP treatment.

Health benefits of PRP

PRP treatment can help you get back your healthy hair. It is the best hair restoration treatment. By using the treatment to stimulate hair growth, you can grow stronger and thicker hair as your age.

It also helps in reducing thinning hair, regenerating the hair shaft. Also helps in maintaining the health of your hair. It is the best alternative for your hair loss problems.

The treatment can also boost your self-confidence. Many Men’s are embarrassed because of hair loss problems. Because of this, they feel people are looking at them differently. In such cases, if they try out the PRP treatment for hair loss, then they might look and feel more confident.

Many women also opt for PRP hair treatments. Which increases their self-confidence. We highly recommended it to get rid of hair loss without delay.

You can also get rid of your bald patch. If you are tired of trying to make your hair grow back, then the best solution would be to opt for PRP treatments. PRP hair treatment is the most effective way to get rid of baldness. The treatment is quite safe and can help you in regaining your natural hair growth.

Is PRP for hair loss safe?

PRP hair loss treatment is now being considered a viable option for those suffering from hair loss. The procedure involves taking a person’s blood and then transferring it back to the scalp, which stimulates hair growth.

It is a more cosmetic treatment than a conventional hair transplant. Studies are being done to see if PRP works better than hair transplant.

PRP is a treatment that uses a patient’s blood. The idea is to put the treatment in hair follicles; it helps with hair growth as well.

Cost of PRP hair treatment

The PRP treatment cost differs from person to person. It depends on the time required to treat the patient.

Can you use coconut oil for PRP hair treatment?

Yes, coconut oil is an excellent source of coconut oil and can be used for hair care as well. However, make sure that you use coconut oil for hair care or PRP hair treatment after applying the conditioner. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E, a known antioxidant, and can be beneficial for hair loss, as it can reduce the damage caused to the hair follicles due to hair loss.

Are there any side effects of PRP hair treatment?

If you use a diluted form of hair growth treatment, you may experience a temporary redness on your scalp. This is because there are small fragments of hair in the scalp.

If you use a concentrated form of the hair growth treatment, you may experience temporary itchiness on your scalp. This is because hair growth treatments have small pieces of protein in them.

However, once the treatments are completed, you can experience hair growth.

Do not use shampoo on your hair after PRP hair treatment.

Take care of your hair after using hair growth treatment. Use the mild shampoo for the next day. Moisturize your hair after using the shampoo.

Avoid hair coloring after hair treatment.

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